How it all works

Jose 22/05/2018 - #howitallworks
How to explain our vision to the travelers who might want to join us? 
Words like "experience", "adventure" or "exclusive" are overused to the point of being meaningless. We have written and rewritten our concept and ended up confusing even us.
But at the end it’s quite simple.

Global Life Experience is a one-off Travel Company.

We call it a one-off because we design and execute trips and travels that will take place just once. We design those events tailored to ourselves and those who will accompany us on the trip. Once the trip is over Global Life Experience will offer similar travels to others but there will always be differences.

These trips are unique because we search for special events, we aim to be there as they happen and we try to be part of it. You could describe it as the difference between the experience of watching a Formula 1 race on TV, at the racetrack or as part of one of the teams. Global wants to live a race as part of the team.

So far we have only disclosed one trip: We will be part of the first attempt to bike up Kilimanjaro by a European woman. In this experience we will be part of an expedition team that will attempt a challenging sports feat. We are part of the preparation and organization, we will go together with the protagonists as they face the mountain and we will share their uncertainty and (hopefully) success. We will live our own adventure as we ourselves also climb the mountain.

For us, this event frames what Global is. It has adventure, nature, solidarity and a certain level of uncertainty. We embrace this uncertainty because, as Taryn Stenvei explains incredibly well here, without it there is no adventure.

What are we aiming for when we design such an experience? We no longer understand travel to be about observation and we think that the drive to be an adventurer can easily become fake and hollow. When you package the experience too much you lose adventure. Unfortunately today's traveler finds more and more packaged experiences that are described in a guide or have 5 stars from a website. It’s hard to find authenticity in a world with so much noise.

Global Life Experience is our answer to that. We want to go against the grain and propose travel that is tailored, small scale and thoughtful.