june. 2018



Silvia Masia and Jose Antonio Naranjo began combining adventure and sport in 2013.
Jose Antonio is a seasoned cyclist and mountaineer who has travelled all across the world.
Silvia worked for many years in the top adventure travel agency in the country.


Jose Antonio shared his great project; to combine his passion for bikes with his love for the tallest mountains by cycling up to the summit of Kilimanjaro.
Unfortunately at the time there were important logistic and legal barriers to overcome.


In 2016 the team was again unable to obtain the necessary permits. As an alternative the team and some close friends cycled around the mountain in a complicated but rewarding tour.
In spite of this great adventure, Kilimanjaro summit still eluded us.


In July 2017 we met and started collaborating with Pepe and Mario. They embraced our dream passionately and undertook the challenge of obtaining the required permits with the Tanzanian authorities.


In January we got confirmation; we had the permits!
We travelled to Tanzania to prepare the route, test the tracks and discuss many details.
We studied maps, drawings, photos and videos and finally chose the best plan.
We would climb from Kilema gate to Horombo and follow the Marangu route to the summit. We would end with an exhilarating descent down the Rongai route.


In March our friend Ruth Moll volunteered to be the one to cycle to the summit and be the first European woman to do so. She also proposed to bring along her friend Ruth Munoz to trail run the same route.
After years of preparation we had the plan, the permits and the protagonists.


We gathered support from the best friends and companies.
Angel from Laken, Rafa and Miguel Angel from Lurbel, Jose from Trekking y Aventura and also from Tanzania, Pepe and Mario.
Most importantly the kids from Moyoni Orphanate will be rooting for the girls as they climb to Uluru.


Global Life Experience is proud to be represented by two women in our first experience showcase.
Ruth Moll is a former international pro cyclist. She started training for Kili the very next day after hearing our idea. Since then she has endured snow, rain and very cold conditions.
Ruth Gomez is an international level triathlete. Ruth also started training immediately in 2000 meter mountains to prepare for Kili.


The team is preparing plenty of details. 
We are preparing mountain equipment, specific bike and running gear and of course, the bike.
We are also looking into the effects of altitude on the body and researching how we will handle the 5895 mts.
We are accounting for nutrition, hydration, recuperation and adaptation needs of the body on the mountain. 
The aim is to address all aspects of the adventure with the same rigour.


In our team we share strong solidarity and environmental values and thus we strive to have a positive effect while we chase our experiences.
In Tanzania we are delighted to contribute to Moyoni NGO who is working to improve the Mto Wa Mabu Orphanage.
Global Life Experience will contribute books and computers and bikes to the Orphanage.


The team leaves towards Kilimanjaro on the 26th July 2018.
Our protagonists Ruth Moll and Ruth Gomez will be joined by the support team; Silvia Masia, Jose Antonio Naranjo, Jose Luis Hernandez and Jose Luis Blasco.
We encourage you to stay up to date in our website and on social media.