Global life experience is an ambitious project which seeks to identify and offer unique and exclusive travel experiences.  We specialise in only the very best the world has to offer.


At Global Life Experience, our goal is to change your life


People form complex, organic and dynamic circles with their culture and their environment.


The path to truly enriching our lives is to discover these circles and allow ourselves to become part of them.  When we experience new circles we feel emotions that will forever change us.  This is life in its truest form.


Global Life Experience focuses on how to create those experience for others and for ourselves.

We want to go further in our understanding of the world and those who live in it. At the same time, we hope to transmit our values.

We aim to offer authenticity and excitment but also solidarity and respect.


We are a generation of modern day nomads, a diverse group that believes in the power of the experiences we discover.


Our friends are tireless travellers, passionate sports men, woman and adventurers.  They improve our community with their solidarity and their love for nature.  It is thanks to them that Global Experience Life exists.